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Requirements of the Corporate Culture

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Requirements of the Corporate Culture

Requirements of the Corporate Culture

What additional requirements (written or otherwise) are imposed on the position by the culture in which it exists? Every organization has a unique culture that must be considered.

For example, it is the unwritten rule of some organizations that executives should always wear suits and ties (some organizations even prescribe the color of the suit!). In other organizations, it is expected that employees, regardless of where they are on the corporate ladder, always be involved in continuing education, or that they regularly participate in extracurricular company activities, or that they volunteer for various community projects and endeavors.

As ridiculous as cultural expectations may seem, the fact is that success within the culture is dependent upon compliance with that culture. Like it or not, that's the way it is. The organizational culture is sacred, and you must take it into account when hiring a new employee.

List any cultural expectations of your organization that you need to consider when interviewing candidates for the job.

Mandatory Success Factors

Each of the competencies and skills that you've discovered through introspective investigation, and that you've listed under the categories outlined previously, is important. Together they provide a profile of the job as well as the ideal candidate.

However, in preparing for the interview process, it's helpful to narrow the focus to those specific competencies and skills that are absolutely necessary to the successful performance of the job. From your list of skills and competencies, select each factor that is an absolute must. These are the position's mandatory success factors, and they will form the foundation for the process of interviewing and selecting.

In selecting the position's mandatory success factors, consider each of the categories listed above. Remember: these are the factors that are required for success in the position and are, therefore, the attributes that you'll want in your candidate of choice.

(This article is from the book, "10 Minute Guide to Conducting a Job Interview" by William W. Larson Publisher: Alpha Books First Edition November 20, 2000)

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